Paralympic champion Claire Cashmore MBE is ROAM’s patron

Every self-respecting charity needs a patron right? And we are so excited to reveal that Paralympian Claire Cashmore has agreed to be ours.

Claire was one of the ‘Superhumans’ featured in the London 2012 media campaign, but this year, starred somewhat less glamorously, on the BBC website training during lockdown in a paddling pool in her back garden, tethered to a bungee rope. That’s dedication!

In the interview she recorded especially for ROAM, she uses her incredible experiences in disability sport to talk about how far inclusion has come, and yet what still needs to improve. Not one to shy away from being up front about her disability, she reveals her mischievous side, with her childhood practical jokes involving her prosthetic limb and fake blood!

Big thanks to Claire for agreeing to be our first patron, and to ROAM volunteer Ben Fisher for his skilful interviewing;